As the implementing partner of “Mainstreaming Social Accountability in Mongolia” round 2 project, Save the Children has been providing technical support on project proposal development for sub-projects, logframe and budget refinement. Furthermore, Save the Children developed the project’s guiding documents namely Project Operation Manual including Contract, Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Environmental and Social Commitment Plan and other documents necessary for establishing contract with national NGOs. World Bank signed Grant Agreement with Save the Children on 28 February 2019.

Jointly funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation and the World Bank, the Mainstreaming Social Accountability in Mongolia (MASAM) project’s second phase of subprojects is to be implemented in 10 aimags and 3 Ulaanbaatar districts in 2019.

In Mongolia Social Accountability Subprojects, round 2 project (2019), Save the Children Japan-Mongolia Program Office (further referred as Save the Children) has been selected as project implementing partner to World Bank to fulfil two main objectives, namely, (i) fulfil sub-grant management functions, including the administration of the entire cycle of sub-grant design and implementation and (ii) provide technical support to MASAM subproject process including subproject stakeholders from government and local community groups and their national NGO partners.

A World Bank and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) project recently brought together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss solutions for the most pressing issues in health and education, including increased outbreaks of communicable diseases and limited access to education services, facing people living in three Ulaanbaatar districts.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the World Bank believe that embedding social accountability in Mongolia’s public sector is an effective way to improve governance and public resource management.

published in Today, daily newspaper on April 20, 2016.

The Mainstreaming Social Accountably in Mongolia (MASAM) project funded jointly by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the World Bank, will be implemented in Selenge aimag. An aimag multi-stakeholder working group discussed about the project implementation in their aimag. They have selected DEMO as their main NGO partner on social accountability.

Uvs aimag has been selected as one of the ten aimags where the Mainstreaming Social Accountably in Mongolia (MASAM) project will be implemented. The project aims to mainstream social accountability in health and education services in Mongolia. It is funded jointly by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the World Bank.

Interview with D.Delgerbayar, a head of the state administration department, the governor office of Khovd aimag on a social accountability project to be implemented in this aimag.

Глоб Интернэшнл төв 2015 оны 11 дүгээр сарын 05-ны өдөр Монгол-Японы төвийн 204 тоот танхимд "Боловсролын салбар дахь ил тод байдал, эгэх хариуцлага" төслийн семинар зохион байгуулав. Семинарыг АНУ-ын Ил тод байдлын төлөө түншлэл (PTF)-ийн зөвлөх Елунид Швейтзер удирдаж, төслийн хүрээнд хэрэгжүүлэх нийгмийн эгэх хариуцлагын 3 арга хэрэгслийн сургагч багшаар бэлтгэгдэх 24 хүн оролцлоо. Семинар дараах үзэл баримтлалын талаар нэгдсэн ойлголттой болох, “Боловсролын салбар дахь ил тод байдал, эгэх хариуцлага” төслийн зорилго, зорилтуудад тэдгээрийг хэрхэн хэрэглэх талаар зорилготой байв.