NGO dialogue

The NGO dialogue is a regular event which is open for NGOs including CSOs especially those are active in social accountability, governance and transparency in service delivery. Within MASAM, the event is organized once for every two months.

Its objective is to be the platform where NGOs and practitioners exchange and share knowledge and best practices on social accountability including transparency, citizens participation, citizens engagement and feedback mechanisms etc.

The regular dialogue also provides inputs to major ongoing activities of MASAM. In addition, it supports building coalition network among NGOs and their partnerships with public institutions, development partners and other stakeholders.

Design of the dialogue:

  • Each regular dialogue is to focus on a certain topic or an important issue of Social accountability and governance including NGOs’ capacity building
  • Topics are identified and selected based on needs of NGOs and also timely importance of the subject
  • Speakers or/and an experienced NGO on the main topic will deliver a key presentation
  • Open discussion, panel discussions, interview and presentation are key elements of the dialogue

List of identified topics are (the list continued to be added based on NGOs further requests and needs)

  1. How to use citizens score card (CSC) for monitoring service delivery
  2. Law on the development policy planning
  3. Procurement monitoring
  4. Governance projects supported by development partners
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation and the clients satisfaction survey
  6. CSOs engagement and participation in the education service delivery
  7. CSOs engagement and participation in the health service delivery
  8. Civic engagement in UB platform
  9. Social accountability’s best practices in financial management (participatory budgeting, budget literacy, budgets/contract monitoring, social audits, etc.)