Social accountability day

Name of the event: Social accountability day (SA Day)

About the event: A local public event, during which community groups and stakeholder discuss and share about civic and community participation, and stakeholder collaboration to improve quality of service delivery in their localities.

How to organize the event: It will be organized under the leadership of local NGOs, the local governor office and the service providers.

Objective of the event:

  • Share, exchange and learn about local SA initiatives and discuss on how to consolidate and scale up best practices. Also discuss on lessons learned.
  • Support and promote constructive engagement and collaboration between local administration, service providers, CSOs and communities.
  • Encourage active civic and community participations which further impact on improved service delivery in local level.

General agenda of the event: (Agenda of the event could vary depending on issues and practices in each aimag and district)

  • Discussions on health and education service delivery in local level
  • Presentations and discussions on processes, results, lessons learned and best practices of local SA initiatives
  • Workshop on good governance, civic participation, SA and its tools and design
  • Disclosure of the information and civic engagement including client survey etc.

Detailed and concrete information will be shared when dates and planning for SA days are identified and completed in the aimags and the districts.

Some useful resources for organization of a local SA day in local level